W3, I can’t hear you…

November 30th, 2009

Although I’ve always been astounded by how differently the various browsers treat code and how one developer’s approach to a problem can differ so greatly from another’s, it’s only recently really, I mean really truly, dawned on me how ridiculous this all is. At the heart of the problem comes the fact that so much of the W3’s work is ignored whether it’s by major corporations releasing browsers or by stubborn developers who are just going to stick with what the know. If a restaurant blatantly disregards an FDA guideline they are closed down but if company providing half the world with an internet browser blows off the W3 nobody thinks twice. If a lawyer tries to make an argument that violates the Constitution his argument is dismissed but if a developer blatantly disregards a W3 recommendation there’s no consequence. Just imagine all of the frustration and pointless bickering we would rid ourselves of if we all just listened to what the experts are telling us.

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