New Book – CMS Made Simple 1.6

April 12th, 2010

I’ve been lucky enough to have been offered a free copy of a new book from Packt Publishing called CMS Made Simple 1.6 – Beginner’s Guide to read and review. I plan on reading a few chapters a week and will post reviews as I go along. I kicked things off last week with the first two chapters and am pretty happy with the read so far.

The book opens by addressing the important questions of who, what, and why? A brief introduction explains who will most benefit from reading this book, what a CMS is, and why one should use  CMS Made Simple. By introducing the concept of separating layers of code and explaining how a CMS easily enables this best practice, the book engages both the novice and the seasoned coder and then walks them through the installation process in the second chapter. This chapter reads as a friendlier version of the standard CMS Made Simple installation documentation, which anyone unfamiliar with concepts like databases and file permissions will surely appreciate. The chapter finishes by succinctly reviewing the administrative interface for the site. For those already familiar with CMS applications, I suggest you begin here as this is really the first bit of new material you will encounter, and for those who are novices, I recommend reading this part twice so that the following chapters are easier to follow.

Check out more about this book on the Packt Publishing website.