Jive Angular Tiles

December 26th, 2015

Tiles are Jive’s preferred method of adding functionality to cloud, and even hosted environments. Each Tile is essentially a single-page web app that an administrator can drop onto overview pages. Tiles interact with the parent Jive environment through a special OSAPI protocol to pull or push JSON-formatted user and content data.

Picking up the amazing Peak JS Angular framework developed by coworkers, I consolidated and refactored our most reusable Tiles from across dozens of client projects. I normalized the coding styles of the various contributors to neatly arrange each Tile into clean Services, Routes, Filters, and Controllers. I also refactored the Tiles’ styles so that a single set of LESS variables will update the tiles en masse.

The value¬†of the library is proving itself project after project as our team is able to drop readily-available Tiles into environments. When creating new Tiles, there is now a clean template and approach to follow. Without a doubt, it’s been a fun and useful project.

Sorry, but because this was built for work, I cannot share the code.